• 1.There are lots of messages posted on the Noticeboard. Am I expected to read them all?
    The IS users are expected to read the messages of high importance, i.e. those that are marked with
    (red). They are notified of these via their main IS page. The other messages posted on the Noticeboard are of lower importance and their reading is optional.

    Here are a few tips for the effective use of Noticeboard:

    • Scan the headlines of messages, read those you are interested in, and click on mark all the messages of medium importance as well as all the 'other' ones on the page as read - an operation which will empty the page.

    • Use
      to contract the folders with the contents in which you are not interested. These folders will remain contracted and you will no longer be notified of the numbers of new messages posted in them via the main IS page.

    • Provided you want headlines of more messages to be displayed on the main IS page, click on show also messages of medium importance on the main IS page.

      [1] Click to display only the messages of high importance on the main page

  • 2.Who can post messages on the Noticeboard and of what kind should these be?
    A new message can be posted on the Information System by any authenticated IS user that is either a student (who has not interrupted his/her studies) or staff member. This person can also edit it, move it into another section, or delete it later on. The owners of the n_manip or s_studium rights are allowed to administer all the messages the Noticeboard hosts. All the messages can be read by all the users logged in the Information System.

    Before using the Noticeboard, please make sure you are are familiar with the rules governing the use of AMBIS Information System. If this is not the case, please read them through now. You should refrain from posting the messages promoting racial, religious and political discrimination, making confidential information (this concerns, for instance, students' grades) and illegally obtained material public (also applies to that which you are not authorized to distribute), using vulgar expression and those violating basic principles of decency. The users will be held fully liable for any damage caused by someone else using their user name and password. Moreover, it is every IS user's duty to select the password that is hard to guess and do his/her best to protect it from any possible misuse.
    NB: All the operations performed by all the IS users are recorded. The violation of any of the rules may consequently lead to penalties and a serious violation even to being expelled from the University.

    The Noticeboard is used for posting messages intended for academic community. For the purpose of posting advertisements and private messages, please use the advertisements sections.

    Please ensure that you specify a reasonable expiration date for your message since the messages that are not up-to-date prove to be a nuisance. When selecting the group of users to whom your message should be displayed as 'blue', please proceed with prudence since the messages the users find irrelevant are annoying.

    The IS administrators reserve the right to move the messages the users have posted in wrong sections into the right ones, correct the messages containing mistakes, and remove the messages violating the rules governing the IS use. If any of the aforementioned changes is made, the users are always informed about it by e-mail.

    Important: The messages posted on the Noticeboard expire after some time. The texts that you want to keep displayed for a long time should be placed in the Documents section.

  • 3.What are users banned from?
    The Noticeboard users are not allowed to post their messages in unrelated sections making them irrelevant to the visitors to these. It is also forbidden to post the same message in more than one section (cross-posting). Users should refrain from posting on the Noticeboard the messages that are intended for students of a certain course - something they should do using the discussion group of the course instead.

    Users should refrain from posting on the Noticeboard the messages that are intended for students of a certain course. It is the discussion group of the course that should be used instead.

  • 4.How can I post a message on the Noticeboard?
    To post a message on the Noticeboard, please click on post a new message. Please ensure that you do so in the appropriate section. Posting the same message in more than one section is forbidden.

    Text fields and options:

    Name of message:
    Use this field to enter a name (headline) for your message that will be displayed on the main page of the Information System to those who have not read it yet. Please make sure that the name is meaningful and indicates what the message is about. Please do not use any HTML tags in the text.
    Use this field for entering your message. The lines containing more than 72 characters are broken into shorter ones automatically. Provided the text contains an Internet address, it is displayed as a hypertext reference. After posting the message, please check it to ensure that it is displayed correctly. If this is not the case, make the necessary changes by editing it. You can also remove it and enter it again.
    HTML text:
    Provided you are familiar with HTML, you can also use its tags in the text of your message (including the ones utilized for formatting it). When using HTML, the Internet addresses that you want to be displayed as hypertext references should also be enclosed in appropriate tags since otherwise these, as opposed to the previously mentioned text-only mode, are not displayed as references automatically.
    Expiration date:
    This is the date on which the message expires, i.e. becomes inaccessible to everyone including the person who has posted it. The date must be later than the current one and its provision is required.
    Who will see the message as blue:
    This section offers menus listing the groups of users to whom the message is to be displayed as 'blue' (i.e. as the one of medium importance) and in the upper part of message list. All the messages posted on the Noticeboard are accessible to all the users logged in the System. Provided you consider your message equally important to everyone, ignore this section.

    The message is intended mainly for the students/doctoral students/staff of a certain faculty:
    Please specify the groups of users you intend your message for by using the drop-down menus. It will be displayed to these as 'blue' (preceded by
    ) and its headline will be placed in the upper part of message list.

    The message is highly important and I want it to be displayed to a certain group of users on the main page of the Information System:
    Please ask an owner of the n_manip right to mark your message as that of high importance, i.e. the one which is 'red' (preceded by
    ). The reference to the list of users who have the n_manip right can be found behind the text of your saved message.

    Importance of messages posted on the Noticeboard:
    A message can have one of the three degrees of importance. The degree of importance is set for every individual user and depends on whether he/she belongs to the group specified for this degree.

    • The message is displayed to you as the one of high importance (red) provided you belong to the group of users for whom it is marked as highly important.
    • The message is displayed to you as the one of medium importance (blue) provided you belong to the group of users for whom it is not marked as highly important.
    • If you do not belong to any of the groups selected for marking, the message is displayed to you as white (one of the 'others').

    Messages displayed to all the IS users:

    If you want your message to be displayed to all the users of the Information System as 'blue' (i.e. that of medium importance) or 'red' (that of high importance), post it and contact the System administrators at giving them a reason why you think the message should be visible to all the 20.000 users. Provided they find the reason well-founded, they will change the priority of your message within the next couple of days. Editing your message in the future will cause it to lose its original setting (i.e. it will cease to be displayed to all the users). In such a situation, please contact the System administrators again asking them to renew the setting.
  • 5.Navigation on the Noticeboard - What do all those icons stand for?
    contracted folder
    The tree structure of the folder has been contracted. You can expand it by clicking on
    expanded folder
    The expanded tree structure can be contracted by clicking on
    . The folder will remain contracted until you expand it, i.e. even the next time you access the Noticeboard. It is therefore advisable that you contract the folders containing the messages you are not interested in.
    message of high importance
    Please always read the messages of this kind.
    message of medium importance
    Provided a message is marked blue, its author has selected you as one of the users the message is primarily intended for.
    other messages
    The messages marked white are those that are not primarily intended for you. You can read them, though.
    message already read
    The message marked with a pair of glasses is the one you have already read or marked as 'read'.
    The date on which the message will disappear from the Noticeboard. Provided you consider the message valuable, save it on your computer since it will not be available once it has expired.
  • 6.What if my conduct is classified as an attempt at misusing the Noticeboard?
    All the operations performed by all the IS users are recorded and thus those attempting to misuse the Noticeboard are easy to track down. Any attempt of this kind detected will be subject to disciplinary proceedings and might even lead to the culprit being expelled from the University. Minor offenses will be penalized by the offender being deprived of the right to post his/her messages on the Noticeboard.
  • 7.Is there any way of editing my message after I posted it on the Noticeboard?
    Yes, there is. First go to the message by clicking on

    Noticeboard and News

    and then click on the name of your message. To edit it, click on edit or move the message.

  • 8.What is the purpose of 'mark as read'?
    This option allows you to mark the messages you do not want to read and see displayed on the page as read. To mark a message(s) as read, check it (them) using the check box(es) situated to the left of it (them) and click on mark selected messages as read.

    If you are interested in none of the messages a certain section contains, instead of using the check boxes, click on mark the rest of this section as read. This will mark the messages as read and, provided you have selected the only new mode (see the top of the page), they will no longer be displayed. If you select all, the System will keep displaying all the messages regardless of whether you have read them (marked them as read) or not until they expire.

    There is also the option of mark the message as unread placed at the end of every message. Clicking on the option causes the message to appear and act as unread in the future.

  • 9.Where can I find the messages I have already read or marked as 'read'?
    The headlines of messages you have already read are no longer displayed on the main IS page and they are not listed among other messages either. To access them, please select all at the top of the page. It is also possible to put them back on the list of those not hitherto read.
  • 10.Who can remove messages from the Noticeboard?
    A message posted on the Noticeboard can be removed by the one who posted it there any time before its expiration date and the owner of the n_manip right. To locate the message you want to remove, please use the following reference:

    Noticeboard and News

    To remove the message, click on its name and then on remove the message.

  • 11.The headline (name) of my message is not being displayed on the main IS page. What can I do about it?
    Provided you want the headline of your message to be displayed on the main page of Information System, please contact one of the n_manip right owners. A reference to the page listing these can be found at the end of your message. The messages of high importance are marked red.
  • 12.My message has been removed.
    Your message was probably breaking one (or more) of the rules specified in point two and that is why it may have been removed.
  • 13.I want to insert my own picture for the message on the Noticeboard, how big should it be?
    The picture for each message is mandatory on the Noticeboard. If the user does not choose from the IS Gallery, he can upload his own image from his device.

    1You can upload an image from your device or choose from the IS Gallery.

    The ideal parameters of your own image are:

    • minimum size 1200x450 px, but for best results 1600x620 px, larger is not recommended;
    • the ideal format is JPG;
    • the ideal file size is 200 KB, then it will load quickly, the maximum file size is 1 MB.

Provided you have failed to find the information you were searching for, you can contact us at ambisis(zavináč/atsign)fi(tečka/dot)muni(tečka/dot)cz.