• 1.How to record student attendance?
    You can keep track of student attendance at lectures or seminars using the Attendance application. The recorded student attendance is then automatically transferred to a special notebook.
    You can find the application via
    The Information system Teacher [course selection] (Attendance) records
    The application works only if a timetable is in place for the seminar group or lecture. The individual seminars and lectures will be displayed in three sections:
    • The section "seminar groups a student in the selection has enrolled in" shows the seminars attended by students selected in the filter.
    • The "lecture" section.
    • The "examination dates" section shows examination dates that are created in the selected course.

    By checking the seminar group/lecture and confirming the selection you will be able to edit the attendance of all students in the seminar group/lecture for the whole semester. If you want to fill in attendance for specific days of the timetable, click the "select concrete day" button and select the day or days you want to edit.

    1 Attendance records for the selected seminar for the entire semester.

    2 Attendance records for the selected seminar for the selected days.

    In the attendance overview table, tick the boxes for the selected students and save (you can also click on the date in the table header to tick the attendance for all students). The dates you enter will be saved in a notebook. Checking the box for a student on any date will enter "attendance" in the notebook for that seminar group/lecture, unchecked boxes will enter "non-attendance". Unticking the box for a student and a past date means that "non-attendance" will be entered in the relevant notebook. If the date of the event is in the future, nothing will be entered in the notebook for the unchecked box. If the teacher does not fill in any attendance for a date in the past, the system will evaluate that the class did not take place.

    If you select the option to edit the selected seminar/lecture date, you have the option to add a student from another seminar group to the list of students (if they are replacing a class, for example). You can add a student from another seminar by selecting "Add student from another seminar group".

    1 Attendance records for the selected seminar group.

    2 Links to applications for further work with attendance.

    1 Attendance records for a selected date – – adding a student from another seminar group.

    The notebook with attendance is automatically created with the name "attendance XY" ("prezence XY" in Czech version of the IS) i.e. "attendance" for participation in lectures. You can change the name of the notebook at will, but do not change the abbreviation of the notebook for the correct operation of the application.


    Edit attendance only through the Attendance application, not by editing a notebook.

    Tip: Recognizing letters of excuse

    The data on student letters of excuse is also transferred to the attendance application, so if a student has a letter of excuse entered, the letter "O" or "OPT" will be displayed next to the excused seminar/lecture for a letter of excuse entered after the deadline. It is then up to the teacher whether or not to credit the student's attendance in these cases.

  • 2.How can I evaluate attendance records?
    AYou can find the attendance evaluation application via
    The Information system Teacher [course selection] (Attendance) summary
    The application works only if a timetable is in place for the seminar group or lecture and attendance is recorded.
    First, select the seminar group for which you want to evaluate attendance and set the parameters according to which attendance will be automatically evaluated, e.g. how many excused and unexcused attendance are allowed, etc. Parameters are set for each seminar group or lecture separately and can be edited later.

    1 Set parameters.

    2 Student list display options.

    Based on the entered parameters, the application automatically evaluates whether the attendance requirements have been met or not. For individual students, you can automatically change the pre-calculated result.

    1 Evaluation of attendance of the selected student.

    After clicking on "Save", the result of the evaluation is saved on the last line of the corresponding attendance notebook ("total: not met *0" or "total: met *1"). You can also use the "Save the ones fulfilling requirements" option, which saves only the attendance with requirements met.

    You can easily assign course grades or work with students based on their attendance. To select students with a met attendance, click on "change filter" in the Teacher's Notebook panel, click on the "selected by their attendance" filter in the menu and confirm with the "Apply filter" button. Next, specify whether you want to work with students with met, unmet or pending attendance. You can then enter grades for the students in the selection, send them a bulk email, etc.

    If you want to include students from another seminar group in the selection, click on change filter and then on Advanced selection. Here, check the box to include previously selected students and select the OR operator. You then proceed in the same way as for the first selection filter.

    You can also enter attendance-based grades using customized addition, see th Customized addition help section for more information.

  • 3.Printing the attendance form
    For each seminar group and lecture you can print the attendance form for the semester.

    In the header of the form is the identification of the seminar group. Below the list of students there are always a few blank lines in case a student joins the group after the sheet is printed.

    The number of columns depends on the number of seminars during the semester. The system omits non-working days.

    PUse the links to print

    The Information system Teacher [course selection] (Attendance) Print attendance form

    then select one or more seminar groups and select the desired printer. You can also choose from advanced print settings. You can also download the attendance form in the available formats to your computer.

    1 Print the attendance form(s).

  • 4.Changes in seminar groups
    If there are changes in the number of students in seminar groups during the semester, use the

    The Information system Teacher [course selection] (Attendance) validate

    Validation will cause students who have moved to a different seminar group during the semester to move to the correct notebook. The application also allows you to remove from the attendance record students who have opted out of seminar groups but have not enrolled in elsewhere.

    If you wish to remove a student whose study has been terminated, you must do so by validating the appropriate notebook.

    The Information system Teacher [course selection] (Poznámkové bloky) Zobrazit nabídku validace poznámkových bloků

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